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November 24th

Hi! So, lately we have been staying at a marina in Savannah, Georgia and yesterday we went to downtown and walked around and looked at all the super cute little shops.
I also got some things called Sea Bands, which use acupressure to stop sea sickness and they work fantabulousy. I went from being miserable with seasickness to just being miserable from the fact of living on a boat!
 I have started a postcard collection, I got the idea from another boat friend of ours. Also as we were doing our passage from Georgetown to Savannah everyone except for my mom saw a 10’ shark surface next to our boat and the water was so clear that we saw the actual shark go under our boat. We all started screaming”SHARK” which woke up my mom and sent her into a panic. There were also quite a few dolphin pods that played with our boat. That’s all for now GB!


  1. OMG! You saw a shark? I thought they were very rare. Do you know what kind? So does this mean you are scared to swim around the boat?


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