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Uncomfortable Ocean Passage and Mistakes to Learn from!

They do say a lot of things on the internet, but we have decided to find out what works well for us, on our own. That should absolutely be the case for cooking and gardening. When it comes to sailing, however, it may be better to hear what they say, because learning from mistakes at sea... so how come we did not listen that one time?!

When going out of a narrow inlet, into the open ocean, it is not a good idea to leave with an outgoing tide and a strong in-coming wind. This is especially true for smaller fishing boats, but our sailboat gave us quite a roller-coaster ride too! I did not take any photos of that experience, and I hope I never get a second chance!

Overall, this post will be a bit short on photos, because they were not on my mind during the passage!

Once we decided to leave Vero Beach, FL, we prepared for an easy (that's what "they" say) overnight sail to Miami, FL. We motored the ICW to Ft. Pierce, FL, and headed out the Ft. Pierce inlet under the conditio…