Savannah, GA to Titusville, FL

We did leave Savannah, quite a few months ago, so I should probably bring everyone up to speed on our journey, before we end up posting about Savannah again, on our way back to Virginia! 

Somewhere on the way to St. Augustine, FL. A passage close to shore, hurray!

After Savannah, we had this wonderful plan to do another overnight trip and go to Fernandina Beach, Florida. We planned the route, planned the winds, planned the airport access for Joe’s work. Then I called the marina to make reservations, they were full, and amused at my surprise. As it often happens during this trip, plans are changed and a new destination is quickly selected - St. Augustine, FL. To be honest, I am not sure I remember the trip to St. Augustine. I also like it that way, because boring sailing is my favorite, when we need to do over 24 hours of it. 

In preparation for a sunny passage, (it's a face mask, what did you think it was, sunscreen, on a teenager?)!
Hmm, no internet, downstairs makes us feel sick, what else can we do with daylight?

 Sailing for fun is great when we have friends or family aboard, and a small pretty anchorage to rest for the night. Once we start a passage, for me, it is all about reaching the destination. Joe, on the other hand, enjoys the sailing passages. There must be something manhood-fulfilling about being out there, by yourself, in the middle of the night, pulling on one rope (we use different words, but they are still ropes) with one hand, surfing the waves with the other hand on the wheel, while holding tight another rope between your teeth... there must be something that I just don’t quite understand. 
Never old!

I suppose I fail to grasp the adventure and mostly imagine all the things that may go wrong, and always do in movies. They do call me “fun police” for a reason, in our family!
You do need "Fun Police" to deal with that after-passage mess!

St. Augustine was beautiful, alas, we were not able to tour almost any of it, because we were headed to Vero Beach, FL, where we had made reservations at a marina for a full month. The marina at St. Augustine was also very expensive and, as it turned out, there was no parking available, because of the marina’s location in the old town historic and tourist area. We decided to use a local Walmart as a parking lot for a week or so. If you are ever in need to park your car, while moving your boat, at St. Augustine, the Walmart close to the historic district works! 

Leaving St. Augustine at dawn.

After three overnight trips, we decided (strongly urged by the “Fun Police”) to motor the ICW from St. Augustine to Vero Beach. To assist in our plans, were our Canadian friends from a boat called “North 45”, who also took the ICW and we agreed to anchor together during the nights. 

Entering the land of manatees. Some of the cutest, sweetest, slimiest creatures created!

Florida section of the ICW testing our patience with frequent bridges, still better than traffic.
Too young to drive, never too young to drive a boat!

Florida plants, we must be getting close to warm weather!

Here, Joe, some "Scandinavian Swimmers" to keep you warm! 

We planned for three nights of anchorage to reach Vero Beach. As usual, our plan changed midway through our trip, because Joe had to fly on a short notice. That is what brought us to Titusville, FL. Due to it being an unplanned stop, Joe took an "Uber" to the airport and the kids and I explored the parks at the marina. I found the closest grocery store and took a walk along the highway to get some provisions, which is what real carless cruisers do. I suppose, we were slowly turning into such. 
Our marina in Titusville, FL
Wild life in Titusville, FL. You can almost touch them, but the FWC is watching!

Titusville marina had a great skate park within walking distance, and the boys loved it! We also ran into a YouTube sailing family, whose adventures we had watched in preparation for our own trip. The kids really enjoyed that and we were excited to be filmed for their video.
Photo with Sailboat Story celebrities...a step closer to Hollywood!
Titusville marina was a very friendly and clean marina, with quite inexpensive laundry facilities and spacious showers, with hot water. It has become “home” for a small neighborhood of “liveaboard” boaters. Some of these kind of boaters rarely leave their slips at the marina, and their boats have turned into tiny floating homes, with potted plants and patio sets, which are normally not seen on a moving vessel. Starting conversations with such adults is fun, and they rarely mind our loud screaming children chasing each other around the marina. That is until we reached Vero Beach… read on to find out the next chapter of our voyage!


  1. Wow! You sound like experienced, sea-faring creatures. Will you ever be able to transition to living on land?


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