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Vero Beach, FL

Vero Beach is a charming small town in Florida, with beautiful parks, enormous trees for climbing and a few guarded beaches, which the kids finally agreed to go to…(after all, we do live surrounded by water these days; a trip to the beach has lost some of its exotic flavor).  

Many of the Vero Beach beaches are nesting habitats for sea turtles during the Spring months, and it is not unusual to spot turtles making their way to the water, if one plans the trip well. As we found out, most shark attacks happen right around that Spring time, because the sharks, rushing to take a tasty bite off of a turtle, occasionally bite humans. Such attacks are very rarely fatal, but it is one thing to read about them on Bull Run Mountain, VA, and quite a different one to watch your kids splash in the waters from that news article. Being the helicopter mom that I have slowly turned into, breaking out of my shell, during our trip has been necessary, difficult, and incomplete. 
 Vero Beach brought us a …

Savannah, GA to Titusville, FL

We did leave Savannah, quite a few months ago, so I should probably bring everyone up to speed on our journey, before we end up posting about Savannah again, on our way back to Virginia! 

After Savannah, we had this wonderful plan to do another overnight trip and go to Fernandina Beach, Florida. We planned the route, planned the winds, planned the airport access for Joe’s work. Then I called the marina to make reservations, they were full, and amused at my surprise. As it often happens during this trip, plans are changed and a new destination is quickly selected - St. Augustine, FL. To be honest, I am not sure I remember the trip to St. Augustine. I also like it that way, because boring sailing is my favorite, when we need to do over 24 hours of it. 

Sailing for fun is great when we have friends or family aboard, and a small pretty anchorage to rest for the night. Once we start a passage, for me, it is all about reaching the destination. Joe, on the other hand, enjoys the sailing passag…

SV Graceful Kids Interviews

Here it is! Our children share their side of the story as liveaboard kids. I had to edit the video to fit the 15min YouTube requirement for non-paying members, and had to exclude a few unrelated comments and siblings arguments.

I hope the link works!