Frequently Asked Questions

A few of the questions we keep receiving are answered below. Some of the answers may change without much notice.

Why are you doing this?

There is no short answer to this question. We love our VA neighborhood, our family and friends. This journey is not a way for us to run away from anything. It was an idea, which eventually grew, and we decided to go. God willing, we will keep on going! 

When are you coming back?

We started this as a one-year adventure. We can continue beyond, or end it sooner. Once you step on a boat, you quickly understand that the calendar does not work well.

Did you win the lottery? 

We did not, and probably never will, because we do not play. Joe continues to work, while I did have to leave my job. We also carry our mortgage, for now, which puts us on a tight budget. On the other hand, our needs/wants have shrank significantly due to the lack of space, busy activities and schedules.

What about school?

We homeschool, and we observe everything around us, as we travel. 

How do you get food?

Our off-shore sailing is only to move us from one place to another. Once we are at anchor, or at a marina, we are just like any other land-based family with a small home. We do only buy provisions for one or two meals, because our refrigerator space is quite limited. We do not have a freezer, therefore any box of ice cream must be eaten immediately...

How do you live in such a small space?

It is a learning curve! Follow our blog for some answers. We have exercised muscles we never thought existed, because in order for us to reach our bedroom, for example, Joe and I need to jump over the couch, if the table is open. 

How unsocialized are the kids?

We meet new people at every new place. We meet people who live on their boats, people at coffee hour after church. We keep in touch with family and friends in the meantime. It is not better, or worse than living in a community; it is different. 

Do the kids like this?

Sometimes yes and other times, no. We, as parents, made the decision to do this for our family. We are not exposing ourselves to anything reckless, or any more dangerous, than the risks we all agree to take in our more conventional lives. Our life on land was comfortable, and plucking ourselves from all of the comforts, all at once, is not easy. We have great times together and we do have challenging times together. We do pray that it goes well, and we ask for your prayers as well. 

Are you stuck on the boat?

We have a complicated scheme of moving our cars with us. It is a bit tiresome, but it gives us the freedom to explore more than our walking-distance surroundings. 

Where are you going?

Because of Joe’s work, we need to be relatively close to an airport. This limits our journey to continental US. We may be able to sail off to a few islands, if there is time and good winds. The East Coast is a world of its own, especially when you look at it away from the busy highways. There is plenty to see on the continent itself!

I can never do something like this, are you crazy?

That’s what I told my husband a year and a half ago...


  1. Great to hear about your travels! Trying to comment again!

    1. Julia, thank you for taking the time to read our blog!


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