November 3 - Still on Land...

We are still on land, in VA! There was another delay with our boat repairs and we have been patiently waiting. Our journey should start on Thursday (Nov. 8), if everything goes well. And since we have been sung “Many Years!”, have been gifted the Theotokos icon, and wished “Bon Voyage!” by family and friends, we thought we owed everyone an explanation as to why we are still here!

In the meantime, we love Fall in VA! Raking the leaves, after driving off of the postcard, is another matter.

Everyone is still adjusting to not getting on the bus in the morning, and it has been a bit difficult. However, we were free to wake up late, play with our friends in the middle of the day, and enjoy long (sometimes too long) recess! Sophie and I finally completed our volunteer training with the local animal shelter and took a couple of trips to walk puppies and hug kittens.
We were grateful to have Graceful blessed in October! Thank you, Father and Deacon, for making the long trip to Coan River Marina.

Repairs on the boat have become Joe’s new hobby. I can now tell which way the valves are open or closed, so it is a useful, albeit slower start for me.

At the end of October, the boat had to be moved from our lovely tiny marina to the repair shop, and that was a long, cold and windy adventure, which Joe loved and I endured.


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