Cruising the ICW November 8-10th

Our sailing trip started from Deltaville, VA. The first couple of days were a bit rough, as we were sailing through the Chesapeake Bay towards Norfolk, VA. Everyone except Joe became sea-sick as soon as we started. The winds were gusty and we surfed wave after wave, after wave... for around 8 hours.

Our anchorage was a welcome break, but we did not choose it carefully, and the boat kept rocking during the night, and Joe and I kept waking up to check if we had drifted away off of our anchor.
Thanks to Lidl, we had a super delicious canned vegetable stew with some sausage. A hot meal after a cold November sailing!

The second day of our trip was cold and everyone was sea-sick...sound familiar? 

We were so happy to enter Norfolk's channel and the much calmer waters there. Sea-sicknesses were immediately gone and we marveled the large military ships around us.

Our anchorage for the night was in the good company of other "winter birds" headed South, a bit off of the ICW, at a place called Hospital Point.
We started early the following morning, slowly making our way through the channel, preparing to go under and through a number of fixed and moving bridges. 


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