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Cruising the ICW - Virginia and North Carolina

After our first ICW anchorage at Hospital Point, in Norfolk, VA, we continued our journey towards North Carolina, via the ICW (Intracoastal Waterway, connecting rivers and bays along the US East Coast, creating a water "highway" for boats to follow, without going out into the open ocean).
Cruising down the ICW means mostly motoring, with very few opportunities to sail, due to the narrow margins of the channel. One small jerk of the boat and we could be stuck in the mud. One person must be steering at all times (since we do not have an autopilot, one person is always at the helm, anyway). However, both Joey and Sophie are perfectly capable of following the GPS and the channel markers. Imagine allowing the kids to drive, so you can grab a snack, or use the bathroom - pretty cool!

Our fastest motoring speed is around 5.5NM per hour, which is fairly close to miles/hour. At around 5-6 mph (8-10km/h), approximately, there is plenty of time to take in the scenery around us, move a bi…

Cruising the ICW November 8-10th

Our sailing trip started from Deltaville, VA. The first couple of days were a bit rough, as we were sailing through the Chesapeake Bay towards Norfolk, VA. Everyone except Joe became sea-sick as soon as we started. The winds were gusty and we surfed wave after wave, after wave... for around 8 hours.

Our anchorage was a welcome break, but we did not choose it carefully, and the boat kept rocking during the night, and Joe and I kept waking up to check if we had drifted away off of our anchor.
Thanks to Lidl, we had a super delicious canned vegetable stew with some sausage. A hot meal after a cold November sailing!

The second day of our trip was cold and everyone was sea-sick...sound familiar? 
We were so happy to enter Norfolk's channel and the much calmer waters there. Sea-sicknesses were immediately gone and we marveled the large military ships around us.

Our anchorage for the night was in the good company of other "winter birds" headed South, a bit off of the ICW, at a…

November 3 - Still on Land...

We are still on land, in VA! There was another delay with our boat repairs and we have been patiently waiting. Our journey should start on Thursday (Nov. 8), if everything goes well. And since we have been sung “Many Years!”, have been gifted the Theotokos icon, and wished “Bon Voyage!” by family and friends, we thought we owed everyone an explanation as to why we are still here!

In the meantime, we love Fall in VA! Raking the leaves, after driving off of the postcard, is another matter.

Everyone is still adjusting to not getting on the bus in the morning, and it has been a bit difficult. However, we were free to wake up late, play with our friends in the middle of the day, and enjoy long (sometimes too long) recess! Sophie and I finally completed our volunteer training with the local animal shelter and took a couple of trips to walk puppies and hug kittens. We were grateful to have Graceful blessed in October! Thank you, Father and Deacon, for making the long trip to Coan River Marina…