A short note

I am working on a couple of posts, including a video of the children’s perspective on our sailing adventure and living aboard a sailboat.In observance of the Lent season, I will wait to post these after Pascha (Easter). We plan to leave Miami in a few days and begin our sailing back North towards Virginia. Please, pray for our safe journey; we cannot wait to see everyone again! If you wish to receive more frequent brief updates of our journey, please find us on Facebook, as SV Graceful. The Graceful crew

The Boat Tour!

Baking cookies, as a gracious excuse to tour a new neighbor’s house, is something I am not super proud of, but I have done it. It is not about comparing nests, nor about stealing decorating ideas. I suppose it is some sort of curiosity, a remnant if the childhood years. So, if you are a bit like me, you might be wondering what that boat-home of ours looks like and how we live in it. Here is the boat tour for you; once we have a mailing address again, I will publish it, for the cookies. 

"Graceful" is an Italian boat, made in 1985. It is a Grand Soleil 39 (the model), and it is 39 feet long. Buying a boat is more like buying a car; it does not increase in value, so just like buying a car, when you buy a used boat, the price is a fraction of the cost of a brand new one. Most of the families we met have one, or no current income, and own their boats, so an old boat is easy to find and buy, and own without a mortgage. Selling a boat is a different story, it is always a buyer'…